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「型」事紀錄 027 || 2012.02.10 || 音韻由人 Music Meditation

Every body has its unique sound, rhythm, holding and movement.
Everything about us is inside the body.
We can listen to music with our body.  Through the focused attention to our sensations, feelings, and the movements of our body, in that space we allow ourselves to experience a different kind of understanding and knowing.

第一節:回歸我內 Connection to Self
第二節:體現風範 Expression to Self
第三節:宇宙風貎 Expression of the Universe
第四節:圓融無限 The Unity of Being

很高興會員 Mrs. Janet Nield 跟我們分享音樂靜心的方法。

日期 : 2012年2月10日至3月29日
時間 : 晚上 7:30 - 8:30 (4 節)
地點 : Enneapower

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