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Why ICC Limited?
Because with ICC Limited, you get more than expected!
We are a Value-Added training & consulting company.

Our Business
ICC Limited provides a full portfolio of services to effectively manage your business. We are a business training and consulting company that grows every year by helping our customers maximise the power of their staff, lower their cost, and focus on what they do best. We achieve the development of others through a deep understanding of commercial and personal needs. We Inspire, Empower and Support individuals and across teams.

Our Purpose & Values
Our Purpose defines the value we bring to our customers.
ICC Limited is committed to be a Value-Added business service company that help our customers maximise the power of their people, lower their costs and focus on what they do best.

Our Values shape our Business. They guide our behaviour which in turn drives our actions and results.

  • Honesty and Integrity - are the core of everything we do. We lead by example, demonstrate trust, transparency and teamwork in all our relationships.

  • Customer Driven - we proactively seek to understand customers' needs and consistently create added value through all our products and services.

  • High Performance People - our people are passionate about their job and love coming to work, where they are respected and can reach their full potential. Our people reflect the diversity of the communities in which we live and work.

  • Performance Excellence - we constantly strive to out performance ourselves, be repeatable and reliable in all that we do, and be accountable for and deliver on our commitments.

If you still don't get what you want in Training, it is time to CHANGE!

You do what you do best, and let us do what we do best.
We are the best in Staff Development and Training!
Our business is Empowering People!


Our Uniqueness

  • Proven Integrated Solutions
    From single-proprietor shops to multi-national corporations with over 30,000 employees, ICC Limited offers a full portfolio of training and consulting services that help any size organization to get what they want. We serve as a one stop Training & Consulting partner for companies in Hong Kong, China and Asia

  • Professional Consultation
    You can get answers you need when you need them from knowledgeable, experienced people. We are h2 both in business sense and human factors, for we are experienced corporate people with solid psychology and education background.

  • Enviable Service
    ICC Limited is known for listening to our customers to assure they get what they want. You can expect our service to go beyond a typical day-to-day tactical level. You will benefit from a strategic long-term partnership right from the start. 

  • Valuable Expertise
    The ICC employees are highly credentialed to give you the expertise you expected. From the first meeting, our Business Development Manager will work to fully understand your business and provide consultative support. 

  • Powerful Presentation
    We know the impact of a Powerful presentation on your staff, therefore we will provide the best trainer and design a dynamic workshop that will motivate your staff to learn. 

  • Significant Savings
    You can greatly reduce your risk of unnecessary wastage of training budget and time because we have different package that fits your company's needs and requirement. 

  • Worry-free Safety & Risk-free Reliability
    When you partner with ICC Limited you are in good company. We work with multi-national corporations (MNC), Fortune 500 companies, and well-established local corporations.

Our Expertise


Change Management
Change management empowers organisations to succeed during times of great change. Besides going through the dilemma and stress of change, our trainer also talks about the procedure in managing change project successfully. Topics such as how to survive after downsizing and maintain h2 motivation for survivors will also be included in this training.

Customer Service
When we talk about good customer service, it is not just only solving the customers' problems. It involves sincere customer service attitude and ways to motivate staff's passion to well serve the customers. In this enormous changing business environment, enthusiastic service providers help the organisation to build customer loyalty and gain repeatable business.

Sales Development
This is about how to have a systematic approach on closing
a sales. Since buying comes from the customers, an effective selling process must mirror the customer's "buying process" with the salesperson's "selling process", and this is the key to customer-focused selling. With this common framework, the sales management will also be able to coach their salespersons on account planning and management, and most important of all - building a long-term strategic relationship with customers.


Effective Communication
Time can be used very efficiently with effective communication skills. Besides sharing the best practice on excellent listening skills, our communication workshop also introduces the importance of verbal & non-verbal communication and body language.  Topics such as giving and receiving feedback and way to acknowledge others will also be included. Role Play and case sharing are the most powerful teaching tools for this topic.


Enneagram Application
Enneagram is a very inspiring and practical tool to understand oneself and the others. Increasingly more corporations introduce Enneagram to staff in order to improve communications and reduce conflicts among staff and across departments. Leaders can also apply Enneagram knowledge to better understand the staff's strength and weakness, thus further enhance the team efficiency and effectiveness.


Developing leaders for tough times directly links to many company's strategic goals. And in order for a business entity to grow continuously, we must be able to breed new leaders. Via a series of workshops, the high potential and management of the corporate knows how to excel their leadership competency through sustained training and development initiatives such as coaching, team building and strategic thinking.


A successful negotiation and a fruitless negotiation get the similar factors. But, what is the crucial difference? What are the buying signals and critical skills in reading people. A step by step negotiation approach to saying 'Yes' or 'No' that is easy to follow, provides us with insight about our true interests, and can lead to a win/win for all concerned.

Presentation Skills
No matter it is a small group presentation or delivering a public address, we need to be well prepared. In this workshop, our trainer shares with you the most important skills to deliver a professional yet easily-understood presentation. Moreover, through role play, participates can learn the most from the trainer's comment and observation of their own and others' presentation.

Team Development & Team Building
Every team has its own cycle, only with a clear understanding of the different stages of the team, a leader can fully motivate the team to a higher standard. The core idea of Team Building is "To build a winning team" yet team building is more than simply bonding or having a fun experience. It is a structured process which needs detailed planning and progress monitoring. Learn how to successfully plan, implement, communicate, create commitment and measurement system are the ultimate goal for a Team Development and Building workshop.


Our Approach
Total Training Solution

  1. Assessment of Client's needs

  2. Pre-Training interview

  3. Development of Training Solutions

  4. Pre-Training work for Participants

  5. Delivery of Training

  6. Evaluation and Follow up meeting

  7. New Level Development

Our Methodology
Our training methods range from the least involved (Lectures) to the highly involved (Experiential) training. ICC Limited believes in Tailor-Made training design, therefore we will first found out the training needs of our client before we make any suggestions on the training methods and duration. The decision is mutually agreed between us and our client and is based on what need to be accomplished and what is the most effective tools for our client's training needs.


We provide:


All the above methods have their own strengths and limitations, our value added part is on assessing the most cost effective and appropriate training method for your company and staff.

Our History
ICC Limited was established in 1997, and since then we have become known for our Passion, Credibility and Outstanding Facilitation, whatever the solution being delivered. Our client portfolio is ever increasing both in quantity and breadth, and our Total Solution and Value Added Service have been successfully applied across a wide range of businesses and industries. From insurance to pharmaceuticals, from cosmetics to real estate and from local to multi-national corporations, we are proud of what we do and what we can help your company to develop.

Our Team
Ms Dorothy Yun Wong, M.B.A., M. Soc.,Sci., B.A., Founder of ICC Limited

Ms Wong is a graduate in Political Science and Economics. Apart from earning her MBA degree from Boston University in 1984, Dorothy also earned her Master's of Social Sciences in Counselling from University of South Australia .She is currently candidate for the Doctor of Education degree (Lifelong Learning) in Hong Kong University. She has been helping thousands of people through Training, Coaching, Counselling since then.

Ms Wong is a Powerful Trainer and Popular Executive Coach who is passionate and dedicated to her training and consulting business, helping people to attain effective communication, higher self-esteem, self-development, setting priorities and better inter-personal relationships. She has developed many training programs to cater for the special needs of both local and multi-national corporations. Topics such as 'Self-Esteem and Peak Performance', 'Leading a Winning Team', 'Applied Enneagram in the Workplace', 'Winning Attitude', 'Coaching for Performance' etc.

She was elected an Awardee of the Hong Kong Distinguished Trainers Election in 2004, and is a frequent speaker of various media. She has already written 6 titles and most of them were in Hong Kong best selling book list. Over the years, the ICC team of facilitators has expanded, which has allowed us to integrate individuals with different areas of expertise that complement each other. Our talented trainers and facilitators are experienced and successful business people who are expert in delivering different kinds of trainings. Their qualifications and experience give them the authority to deliver at all levels in business with credibility and impact.

Our Philosophy
"We increase participants' Awareness by offering Insights into their personal value systems, biases and work habits. We Create a challenging, productive and supporting learning experience for our participants. Our trainings have immediate Relevance to their day to day functional activities and lead directly to the Improvement of job skills and results. We Stretch and Encourage the participants to break boundaries. We create an environment that Maximise the learning potential of each participant."


Ms. Dorothy Yun Wong, Founder
ICC Limited

Our Clients
Most of our clients are high profile local and multi-national brands, who have one thing in common, they are very demanding and expect the best training results.

We assist our clients to think outside of the box and push the limit, whatever that may be. Our trainings are principally delivered in Hong Kong, China and Asia.

Some clients with whom we have proudly worked with, click HERE.

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