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「型」事紀錄 049 || 2015.04.22 || 一人一故事劇場

bout Playback Theatre... 一人一故事劇場是…
還記得由初班開始 Dorothy已經強調性格學「不是睇行為」,但是不難發現很多學員仍覺得睇「背後的動機」有一定的困難。所以 Dorothy 今次專程邀請 Stingo 及他的團隊把他們的企業培訓項目以象徵式收費帶來天地會,讓我們感受如何睇「背後的動機」。Stingo 強調這個劇場不是「教九柱」,因為各位舊生都學了,反而是從「觀照自己」去了解性格背後的動機。以下是 Stingo 給我們的話:

Playback is a way how people tell their own stories thru the lens.
That's the way I see it. 

By first learning the Enneagram we are talking about patterns of types and I always felt it's much harder to understand. Playback is a way to show the patterns and emotions in a very different way. I personally think it helps people to see not only patterns but the motivation in a deep way.  Like what I have mentioned, it'd be quite interesting to pick a theme and see how the types respond to the same topic.

They need to understand that it's not an Enneagram training at all.  It's a very different form to talk about Enneagram.  They should expect a different methodology to understand Enneagram in a deeper way (or just people in that matter) but not the content itself.  I hope it explains. Like what I always said, it's true that hard to describe Playback until you see it.  Almost all outer audiences said the same thing.

日期 : 2015年4月22日
時間 : 晚上7:30 - 10:00
地點 : Enneapower
當天費用全數用作贊助 Stingo 的戲團落區演出的部份經費。

陳永權先生 (Stingo) 素來對培訓及發展專業充滿熱誠,致力透過情緒管理和不同的學習機會,引發出學員的潛能,帶出他們最優秀的一面。Stingo的一劇場歷程始於一九九七年。他先後參加由一劇場合辦人Jo Salas及 Jonathan Fox舉辦的一劇場工作坊,其後參予本地的劇場活動,具有公開形式及企業機構演出經驗。 


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